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SleepSure "Epi-Safe" Anti-Suffocation Pillow

The most “Breathable” pillow available.

The SleepSure epi-safe pillow is designed to prioritize safety by utilizing highly breathable, hypoallergenic materials. SleepSure has also implemented rigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure compliance with safety standards and is now the only anti-suffocation pillow registered with the TGA as a class one medical device, providing peace of mind to users and their families.


anti suffocation Epilepsy Pillow

Constructed Using the Latest in 3D Spacer Fabric

3D spacer fabrics have three layers: two surfaces (a face and a back) that sandwich a layer of vertical filler yarns to provide varying levels of thickness for volume and cushioning. 3D spacer fabric offers many advantages over other material types;

  • Highly breathable

  • Machine washable

  • High durability

  • Hypo allergenic


Innovative Multi Layer Design

Constructed using 3 layers of breathable material, the height of the SleepSure pillow can be adjusted to suit individual preferences.

Every layer and every surface of the pillow is constructed using highly breathable material and the major advantage of our design is that the whole of the pillow is breathable, not just certain areas.

This ensures that at all times, regardless of your sleeping style, you are always in a safe and secure position.

Practical Mesh Cover

The specially designed air mesh cover is just as porous as the rest of the pillow making every surface of the pillow highly breathable.

The hypo-allergenic material also provides additional peace of mind.


Suitable for.

All ages

Allergy sufferers

Those with Epilepsy related seizures

Management of seizures caused by other conditions such as;

- Down Syndrome

- Cerebral Palsy

- Autism Spectrum Disorder

- Acquired brain injury


Height - 140mm

- with inner removed - 80mm

Length - 570mm

Width - 370mm


Pillow Case - Removable and washable polyester open mesh cover.

Main Body of Pillow - Innovative 3D fabric constructed of two pieces of soft mesh fabric joined 15mm apart with open weave strands of polyester fibre that create an air gap that won’t crush when depressed.

Main Cover - Polyester open weave fabric encased in a fine mesh cover of approx. 5mm thickness.

Removable Insert - 60mm 3D spacer material covered with a soft open mesh cover provides “shape” and height. The SleepSafe™ pillow can be used with or without the insert depending on personal pillow height preference.

Care Instructions.

Hand wash only in warm water (40°C)

Drip Dry Only | Do Not Tumble Dry

Can be washed as one entire pillow, or

Can be dissembled and each component washed separately.



Latex Free

Chemical Free

Soft, Cool, Breathable and Comfortable

Can help reduce allergic reactions, asthma attacks and breathing difficulty when compared to standard pillows.

This product is an aid to epilepsy and not a cure and is in no way intended to replace medical care or attention by a qualified practitioner.

“Everyone deserves a safe, secure and peaceful nights sleep.”

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