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  • SAMi-3 Sleep Activity Camera


    SAMi® is a sleep activity monitor for individuals, parents and caregivers who need to watch carefully for unusual movements at night.

    • Video based movement detection and recording
    • Works with Apple iPhone or iPad


  • The NightWatch


    Warns caregivers remotely in the event of epileptic seizures during sleep. Conceived by Dutch neurologists and recommended by patients.

    The NightWatch consists of a comfortable wireless armband that closely monitors heart rate and motion while the wearer is lying in bed.

    When the NightWatch detects a potentially severe seizure, a warning is transmitted to a caregiver via a wireless signal to the armband’s corresponding base station.

  • Breathe-zy Anti-Suffocation Pillow


    The Breathe-zy Anti-Suffocation Pillow is designed to be breathable, practical and comfortable, whilst assisting in the prevention of SUDEP.

  • epihunter

    $1,220.00$2,095.00 inc GST

    Epihunter’s unique and proprietary smartphone application uses brainwaves from the EEG headset to automatically detect, signal and log absence seizures in real time.

    Seizure duration is shown also so additional notes can be logged.

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