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Protect Me FAQ

What is the Protect Me range?

The external hub will feed real time data from the bracelet within approximately 15-20 metres. If Bluetooth connection is lost for any reason then you will be alerted via the hub. We highly recommend using an audio baby monitor in conjunction with Protect Me.

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Can the bracelets cause irritation on the skin?

Protect Me is made from a food grade silicone which means it is designed especially for young children. However, children’s skin can still be sensitive to any type of material. For this reason, you will need to make sure you follow these basic rules while using our device: Make sure Protect Me is properly cleaned…

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Is Protect Me waterproof?

The bracelets are robust and will still work if they come into contact with water. We recommend removing the bracelet during bathing or swimming.

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How does Protect Me work?

Protect Me is a pulse oximeter. Pulse oximetry monitors oxygen saturation levels, the oxygen levels in your blood. Protect Me measures the percentage of oxygen being carried through the arteries compared with the maximum level. Oxygen saturation is an important reading for people with lung conditions and other disorders who need supplemental oxygen. Protect Me…

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What are the bracelet’s main features?

Main features.. Monitors Heart rate Measures Oxygen levels 3 day data storage Audible alarm Soft adjustable silicone strap Rechargable battery Note: The data monitored is for reference ONLY! It cannot be used for medical purposes such as diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of a disease and symptom. The company is NOT responsible for the consequence of…

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What size is the Protect Me bracelet?

Protect Me bracelets can be adjusted as your infant grows… Baby – Minimum wrist circumference 7.8 cms, maximum 11 cms Junior – Minimum wrist circumference 11.6 cms, maximum 15.7 cms

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